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The Happy Hormone Guide: A Plant-Based Program to Balance Hormones, Increase Energy, & Reduce PMS Symptoms
Paperback - English

Certified hormone specialist Leparski presents a comprehensive, plant-based lifestyle program to help women balance their hormones, increase energy, and reduce PMS symptoms. ...A comprehensive, plant-based lifestyle program to help women balance their hormones, increase energy, and reduce PMS symptoms.

After struggling for years with acne, oily skin and hair, debilitating cramps, mood swings, brain fog, intense cravings, insomnia, bloating, and weight gain before her period, author and certified hormone specialist Shannon Leparski developed the Happy Hormone Method through extensive research. Her life changed for the better and Shannon made it her mission to combat hormone imbalance and promote women's health.

TheHappy Hormone Guide includes comprehensive, phase-specific (menstrual, follicular, ovulatory, and luteal) guidance including:

  • Changes in fertility, libido, and basal body temperature
  • Beneficial foods, micronutrients, and supplements
  • Phase-specific recipes to support hormone balance (can also reduce symptoms associated with endometriosis)
  • Common changes to mood and energy levels
  • Exercise tips suitable to different times of the month
  • Facial recipes, hair masks, and essential oil blends

  • Modern culture expects women to keep up with the same demanding daily routine, but women's cycles are anything but consistent. The Happy Hormone Guide explores the ebbs and flows of a woman's monthly cycle and provides a holistic view of the female hormone and endocrine system so that you can take control of your cycle and improve your quality of life.

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