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Love, Life, Grief and Joy
Paperback - English

"What do I do now?" "This can't be happening!" "I don't know how to help." "What can I say that won't cause more pain?" If you have ever had those thoughts, this is the book for you. Love, Life, Grief and Joy gives real life glimpses into things none of us want to believe will ever happen to us. In the process of Donna Jean telling this true story, we see not just the pain and suffering of grief and death, but also the reflections of a woman dealing with life and all its ups and downs. She knows that God is in charge and no matter what happens next, He will get her through, smiling or laughing through her tears.

Yes, grief can be emotionally draining and overwhelmingly frustrating, but it will not last forever. All the love and compassion that are shared, even in the smallest ways, are the healing power of joy that God provides. There is always something new and exciting waiting for us. Be prepared to laugh and cry as you see your own life when you flip each page of this powerful book.

"The droplets of water in the bathroom sink seem to be happy. They are "dancing" in the light.

That reminds me of our clock. Garry used to dance to the chimes every hour.

He took the batteries out because he couldn't stand to hear it and not be able to dance.

He must be dancing in Heaven now. The water droplets were God's way of showing me that."

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