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Five More Minutes!: A Guide for Parents Who Must Navigate Life After Their Child Is Murdered
Paperback - English

What happens when your worst fears as a parent come true, when you receive that dreaded phone call, the one you have always prayed you would never get? Your child has passed away, and now you are living a real-life nightmare. You suddenly beg God and bargain for just five more minutes with your child. You want to hold them again, tell them you love them, and that everything will be all right. In reality, you must now face the truth. You will never see them again.

Bambe Riker Johnson, an ordinary mom, tells her extraordinary story of living this nightmare, not once but twice. She shows great resilience and courage as she shares her story of navigating life in those early days of grief and trauma. She proves that there are many reasons to continue living. While she shares her living hell, she also shares bits of hope and how she has found piece once again.

Each chapter stands alone as a guide to handle daily life, including information on legal processes involved, living without your loved one, handling relationships with others and with God, managing your mental health, addiction, and even suicide. This book will help you in your darkest hours, and if you are seeking to help someone you love, this will give you insight. This has also been written to help mental health professionals as a means of trauma education.

You will survive this. You are courageous and strong, and you are not alone.

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